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Next To You


My latest single Next To You embodies the fantasy of rekindling with an old flame after crossing paths again following a long time apart.
Next To You tells the story of my first-ever high school crush. Look, it's cringe but we've all been there. You know that one person you always liked as more than a friend but for whatever reason, things never panned out for you that way? Years passed by, we both grew apart and eventually I ended up being with someone else. We randomly crossed paths again via social media (we hadn't spoken in years at this point) which was totally unexpected but the process of getting reacquainted again felt nostalgic, like we were picking up right where we left off in high school.

Although I knew nothing could/ would come from the interaction, I couldn't help but imagine what if? In verse 1 I mention 'now I'm hand in hand with somebody else just wishing I was somewhere next to you'.

That's how I honestly felt. And that wasn't coming from a place of being unsatisfied with the person I was with at the time but rather desiring to be with you because there's no other person that has made me feel the same way since.

I go on to say 'this chemistry, it don't feel the same'. Being with someone that isn't you is a completely different dynamic. It was strange at first, and I had learned to adjust however after finding you again it reminded me no one could ever be you.

'Not a lot to lose, I've been waiting on you'. That phrase epitomises everything I wanted to say in this song.
Despite having everything to lose with the person I was currently with, I considered letting go of you again as something even more significant to lose. For so long, I'd been unaware I'd been subconsciously 'waiting for you' to come back into my life and now you had, I didn't want to things play out the same as the first time.

This song wasn't about cheating or even romanticizing the idea of being with you. 'Wishing I was somewhere next to you' was the purest way of saying I miss the way things used to be.

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