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About Me

Looks can be deceiving...

Hey friend! My name is JR (Brotherhood) and I'm a black indie-pop artist from South West London. With a mixed Filipino and Jamaican heritage, I am proud to be different as the fusion of cultures has impacted the vibrant person I am and the colourful music I make.


Tipped as "Rising Indie Star' by Wonderland magazine, I'm grateful to have gained support from the likes of BBC Introducing The South, House of Solo and DMY Mag's Best New Artist playlist after the release of my debut 2023 single Care Too Much.

To be honest I kinda dislike genre labels and use the term Indie-pop loosely for convenience's sake. If I could describe my music in 3 words: fun, mysterious and insouciant (might wanna google that).

Music has always been a significant part of my life. My dad was a retired Reggae musician so I guess it was inevitable that music would be something I fell into naturally. I began piano lessons at the age of 3 then moved on to drums in year 8 because I felt like the piano wasn't cool enough and began playing in my church youth band. After picking up my dad's bass guitar one day, I decided I wanted to be a professional bassist/ session musician... Until I discovered music production.

I remember begging my parents to get me a MacBook pro at 16 and then watching YouTube videos on learning how to produce music every day after school.

My journey into being an artist/ songwriting came later. After being a producer for many years, I found myself conforming to the likes of others rather than myself. For this reason, I began producing the music I actually wanted to make.
I would never have described myself as a singer and still to this day I shy away from the term however purely for convenience I would sing melodies and write lyrics to accompany the production. In light of the songs reflecting my personal experiences, it felt natural for me to be the one singing.

I've carried on that philosophy to this day.

My influences are forever changing/ evolving however artists that've had a significant impact are Tame Impala, Empire of The Sun, MGMT, Daft Punk as well as The 1975 and Bruno Mars.

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